Our Story

How It Started

In 2016, my husband, Shon, retired from twenty-eight years in law enforcement.  He asked me if I would move with him to a cabin in the wilderness of Alaska.  We were living in a nice home in El Paso, Texas, at the time, and I knew that life would be challenging.  

Before long, we sold almost everything and moved to a cabin thirty miles from the nearest road.  The secluded cabin on Cub Lake was only accessible by bush plane in the summer and snow machine in the winter.  My life was completely turned upside down.  I faced many challenges, including a rooster attack and a close encounter with a brown bear.  Shon had his fair share to overcome as well.  In 2018, he was in a near-fatal airplane crash and suffered multiple broken bones.  

Throughout it all, we grew closer than ever before.  We wanted to share with others the wild journey that we have had.  In 2020, the book "Follow Me to Alaska" was released and quickly became a #1 Amazon Best Seller.  You can find it HERE.   

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We hope you enjoy our story and the merchandise that has been inspired by this adventure that we have been on the last several years.  

God bless you as you Follow Me to Alaska!

Ann Parker